Exhibition of paintings, Galerie L’Echarpe, Toulouse

Exhibition of pastels and oils.

From the 28th of September to the 4th of October 2015

 Galerie L’Echarpe,18 Rue Peyrolières, 31000 Toulouse

This exhibition represents a year of work, including Street scenes and portraits..

In Toulouse I have spent much time walking the streets and watching people, in bars, by the river, on benches- waiting or lost in thought.

I frequently work on small pastel sketches, often 20x20cm, using  limited colour. I find this method of working practical, it allows me to work in cafés or to squat in doorways, and later I may build up the sketches into larger pieces in the studio.  My favourite time to paint is the late afternoon and the evening when the street lights and the neons appear. The hurrying pedestrians turn to silhouettes and cast shadows in their wake.

street scene France

Summer street 2 Pastel 50×60


Both oil and pastel portraits are included in this exhibition. Occasionally, as in ‘Returning Sailor’, a portrait of my Father in law J.C.Havas, I use watercolour underneath the pastel which helps me to introduce a more fluid energy into the pastel technique. Most of the portraits in the show are of my immediate family and friends.

portrait pastel

Returning Sailor: Pastel and watercolour. 57/77cm











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