Portrait Commissions

Portrait commissions in OIl and Pastel

Portraits from life

A sitting of two hours is necessary to begin

During this first session I will sketch and take photos.

The number of sessions needed will depend on the format the client desires. For a smaller picture, two sittings will usually be sufficient.

Usually we will work in my studio in Cazals, but we can also discuss the possibility of me coming to your home.

When painting children, a photo session may be organised in a special place where they are happy and relaxed, this might be in a garden or at the local lake.

Once the format and the pose have been agreed, I ask a balance of a third of the final price in advance.

Portraits from photographs

It is possible for me to work from a special personal photograph in my own style.
If you’re interested in this, please send good quality image to me by mail and we can discuss it. 


Christian et Martine, huile, d’après photo personnelle.80 x 60 cm 950€


Oil or pastel, small format : 380€-850€

Oil or pastel large format : 850€-2500€

Visitez la galerie de portraits

Maude. Pastel 70x80cm. 850€
Johav Sear-Ginat Pastel. 50 x 38cm. 380€
Harriet. Pastel. 70 x 50cm. 850€
portrait enfant
portrait pastel. 50x50cm. 650€
Frankie Jolly. Pastel. 50x65cm. 750€
ERic. Pastel. 50 x 38cm. 380€
Jessica and Elodie Tanswell. 90x90cm Oil. 1500€
THe tanswell children. OIl 120 x 120 cm. 2200€
Brothers in the hammack. Pastel 70 x 50cm. 950€
Twins. OIl. 80 x 65cm 1200€