Portrait Commissions

I undertake portrait commissions either at my studio in Catus, near Cahors or at a location proposed by you.Penelope Milner au cours d'une séance de pose pour un portrait

The commissioning process is simple: Once the size and setting of the portrait are agreed, one initial sitting is needed of about two hours. Time will be taken to consider the setting, the light and the comfort of the sitter. I will sketch and take photographs. The picture will be started in the studio and a second sitting will be organized at the your convenience. The amount of sittings vary according to the size of the picture but for small works two sittings will usually be adequate.

Once the circumstances of the portrait are agreed, a down payment of one third the price is requested; the final installment is paid on completion.

Prices start at 480€ for a drawing,
600€- 800€ for a small format oil or pastel : max : 40×33 cm.
850€ and upwards for a larger work, portrait or scene.