Painting group at Douelle.

Painting group at Douelle.

Bathing in the Lot. Douelle 46

Finished painting ‘Bathing at Douelle’


cours de peinture à l'huile

Cours de peinture en plein airOur last painting class before the summer break.

On the 24th of July, a beautiful summer day, I headed off to the beach at Douelle to meet my regular painting group.

The main objectives of the session:

To start by considering colour, and to mix up enough to complete the painting (It is very frustrating to have to stop and remix in the middle of work, especially when the light changes so fast),

To work using a larger brush than usual, laying down rapidly the essentials.

To draw in the scene directly with the brush.

To be precise in the rendition of the tonal values.

cours d'huile Penelope Milner

The morning paintings completed, we broke for a picnic lunch in the shade. Soon the tourists and the locals began to arrive. We set up our easels a little further from the river and in the shade of the trees. I worked quickly on a demonstration oil. (Interesting challenge for me as I don’t often choose a scene where the light is direct on the subject, almost appearing to flatten out the scene) I enjoyed mixing the rich greens and the little patch of blue reflected sky.

Above, some of the work displayed on the picnic table at the end of the day.


Demonstration underpainting en plein air.

my unfinished demonstration


Two weeks later I took up my initial demonstration and reworked it in the studio, strengthening some of the colours and adding figures for more interest. (The finished painting is at the top of the page.

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  • Merci Pénélope pour cette merveilleuse journée au bord de l’eau avec le soleil, le chant des grillons, nous avons fait du “bon travail”.
    Merci pour ta générosité et les clés que tu sais nous donner pour que l’on puisse évoluer.

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