Weekend oil painting course

4th and 5th of February 2017.

Clic here for booking: https://localhost/Blog_Penny/booking-form/

price: 140€ lunch included
Maximum of 8 students.

10 a.m Saturday morning until 5.30 p.m
9.30 a.m Sunday morning until 5.00 p.m



In this two day painting course we will work on small oil paintings in the spirit of ‘daily painting’

My aim is to inspire and to give you the confidence to continue working at home, even if you don’t have studio space. I am a practising artist with 35 years of experience and a committed teacher.
The daily painters that I admire take the simplest, everyday objects and scenes to make wonderful art. There is something liberating about starting and finishing a piece of work in one session.

I will give a demonstration and explain my method of mixing colours before beginning a work.
We will work mainly from life, but with some use of photographic references, considering composition, light and colour harmony.
I am happy to accept complete beginners who are enthusiastic and willing to learn.
Materials required:
lemon yellow and chrome yellow
Alizeron crimson and bright red
Ultramarine blue.

a small jar of refined linseed or poppy oil

2 soft flat brushes

4 pieces of square hardboard no larger than 30×30 and no smaller than 20×20; primed with white acrylic or oil prima

a standard palette knife.

A large palette for mixing, preferably a plate of glass (with tape around the edges for safety)


With five oil paints and white we can mix a practically endless range of colours, although if you are a practised oil painter and have your own favourites; (mine are cerulean blue, purple lake and raw sienna) don’t hesitate to bring them along however I would like to discourage more than 10 colours!

Clic here for booking: https://localhost/Blog_Penny/booking-form/

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