International pastel exhibition in Thailand.

Exposition dans la galerie 333 Bababa à Bangkok en Thaïlande

I was honoured to have one of my pastels selected to represent the French Pastel society in the International pastel exhibition at the Bababa Gallery in Thailand, along with Catherine Hutter, a fellow Maitre Pastelliste.

Catherine works in series around the themes of water and reflections. I particularly enjoy her projects around the use of mirrors and her use of pastel to represent a fragile beauty.


The show was organised by Isabelle Lim an artist from Singapore who has won many awards, in France and America with her dynamic, colourful pastels.


penelope milner bangkok

Village boys. Isabelle V Lim


Pastellistes de France

mid summer afternoon. Penelope Milner


This pastel of my niece Frankie, was mainly done in the kitchen in order to use the bright, direct mid summer sun.


Catherine Hutter pastels

exposition Bababa Gallery

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