Exhibition in Catus.


“Le Chemin.”

Galerie Lagaspie, Catus 46150

Exhibition of oils and pastels from the

1st to the 15th of August.

Place de la Halle – 46150 CATUS


It is a pleasure to show some of my recent paintings in the small ‘Galerie Lagaspie’ in the centre of Catus. Many of my recent works are inspired by the landscape directly around our Catus home, along footpaths which I walk daily.

Concentrating on landscape painting has been a new departure for me. I am becoming increasingly interested in allowing myself to improvise shapes and be more intuitive about colour, all this is opening up  possibilities which I hope can lead towards a body of new work.


I am looking for the spirit of the place, the ancient beneath the surface of the landscape. The cycles of nature.

The path seems to be the motive which I am drawn to in the landscape. It serves both as a compositional device to break up the horizontal, but also it is practical. My views are chosen when walking the footpaths around my home, usually in the morning or evening. It was only after producing a number of these that I became aware of their similarity to the my series of Toulouse street scenes.

In ‘Summer street blues’ figures move away, drawn towards the golden light at the end of the day. The foreground has an importance in the composition, a space for the viewer (or walker) to move into. It is animated by reflected light from the shop fronts and also flows towards the end of the street.

‘In ‘Red light’ we are on the edge of one of the secret ‘other’ worlds which we pass and glimpse as we walk through the city. People drawn towards the light: moving through it, undecipherable and vague. The moment is temporary.

Turbulent clouds in the Malvern hills’ momentarily light the distant colours in the landscape.


The Salon is my ‘base’ a scene that changes constantly according to the light and the season. In summer green lights from the beech tree reflect on the floor tiles, hints of the sky fall on objects. The familiar rectangular structures are broken by the arches of the chairs, superimposed on fluid constantly altering light reflections. A river of reflected light on the floor tiles as they run towards me.

I have also included some portraits in this exhibition. Again I am looking for the spirit of the person beneath the surface. I am striving to convey a timeless sense of humanity in all it’s complexity.


Private view, Wednesday the 3rd of August, 6.30 until 8.30pm.









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