Studio in Cazals

My new studio in the Rue de la Republique, Cazals will be open to the public each sunday morning from 9.30 to 12.30. Here I have the opportunity to hang pictures as well as to work. I’m hoping for new people to paint, so if you’re interested in posing, please call in!

Moving studios after 12 years in Catus has been quite an undertaking, but it’s allowed me the chance to clear our some older pastels which are mounted and available for sale at 95€

It was a beautiful day for our studio opening in October. Thanks so much to everyone who made it to Cazals and to the people of the town who welcomed us so kindly. Also To Rob, Frankie and Harry who provided us with music.

A big thank you to Luc Getreau for the photos and for this article in ActuLot:

Penelope Milner painting in Cazals
galerie d'art cazals 46250
Atelier d’artiste Cazals

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