Estivales du Pastel. Raon-L’Etape

Estivales de pastel


The ‘Estivales du Pastel’ is a unique exhibition in the south east of France. Organised by the association IsArtis, the aim is to contribute to the evolution and the image of pastel painting, taking it beyond the conventional clichés attached to the medium and showing it’s relevant contribution to contemporary art as a whole.

This year, the ‘Société des Pastellistes de France’ have been invited as guests.
Penelope Milner as well as nine other pastellists with International reputations will be exhibiting their work. Figurative and abstract, each of these artists have been chosen for their originality and individual vision.

The exhibition is open from the 2nd to the 17th of June 2018, each day, 2 o’clock until 6.30pm
free entry,

Espace Emile Gallé Halle aux Blés 88110


More information on the website: Isartis

Estivales du Pastel. Raon-L’Etape.

Estivales du Pastel

Estivales du Pastel

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