Stages été 2016

Deux petits stages de peinture sont au programme:

Stage de peinture paysage
Stage Paysage. Deux jours à Catus le 11 et 12 juillet 2016 .

Since beginning my daily paintings I have enjoyed working on smaller paintings which can be started and finished in a sitting. This allows for greater freedom and spontaneity when working ‘en plein air’

In these two days I am hoping we will be able to produce 3 small pastels, working outside in the landscape around my studio/home, in Caussenil, Catus. We will begin by considering the composition of the subject, the ‘schema’ or essential form. This will involve looking with view finders and doing small thumb-nail sketches. Please bring along sketch books and a soft pencil (4B)

Choice of colour, choice of paper, and mark-making will all be considered before starting on our pictures

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Stage de peinture Portrait

Stage portrait et Figure. Deux jours à Catus le 14 et 15 juillet 2016

We will work in the Studio with my excellent model Anna.

By practising some academic techniques for figure drawing and some freer, more gestural studies I would like to work towards at least one finished pastel painting.

Tous les détails sont sur la page stage




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