Exposition d’été à Catus 46

Exposition d’été à Catus 46

29 Juillet au 13 aout.

Vernissage le 30 Juillet

Comme les années précédent, j’expose dans ma village de Catus cet été.

I will be exhibiting a selection of 35 recent pictures, mainly pastels but also some oils.

The majority of my output is directly influenced by my immediate environment, so I am happy to have a chance to show my work locally. Although I am most known for portraiture, this individual exhibition gives me an occasion to exhibit some of the small landscapes, produced on the spot in the fields around my home. I particularly appreciate the low summer evening and morning light. I work mainly along the footpath which runs between Catus and St. Denis. This summer I’ve also been attempting to capture the complexities of the valley looked at from the cliffs.

Terres Sauvages was painted in a high field on the edge of the Crayssac boundary where the land is scrubby and the trees stunted. I felt aware of the layers of history behind the land which was once a beach where the  ptérosaures, flying reptiles left their footprints in the mud, later working land. The farm is abandoned now, the fruit trees have turned wild.

Penelope Milner

Terres sauvages. pastel 50x50cm





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