Les Tableaux Récents

composition in orange suspended figure Larmoire-3 morning Summer street blues tree house moving on nude in light the artist The Grand Canal Untitled The stars are on the ground. Chemin 2 Artist In orange field-2 le jeux Anna in orange Place du Capitole entering the square pandora's box Pandora's box Petit dejeuner au Maroc composition in blue and gold. Milner.-Composition-in-blue-and-gold The old Mill Cliff top,Catus orange flash. Evening clouds. Summer street blues-2 Terres Sauvages Terres Sauvages 2 rainy day in Cardiff These streets no-name Endormi au soleil catus evening. Morning fields towards Flory les cuistots Marrocan chefs sieste transe Man in relative comfort White dress Le peignoir palabres Rencontre-du-soir Catus-afternoon.-29x23 dining-in-the-Hotel-Boudy Parks Le vent dance-studio suspended nude nude in light 3 echoes of another time The Malvern hills encroaching-shadows Chemin 1 pennyhooks.Farm_ Meeting after school suspended in light Sieste-musicale Le-bar-du-Forum in orange field-2