Les Tableaux Récents

On the road to nowhere. Oil on canvas. 80x80cm.
Le retour troupeaux au bord du ciel king jester looking down on the road to nowhere jardin secret Laurine orange flash. lumiere du matin Summer street blues suspended figure tree house The old Mill Evening clouds. Petit dejeuner au Maroc nude in light White dress. The Grand Canal Summer street blues-2 Les-pecheurs Brouillard-sur-la-mer-du-nord Ambiance-Matinale les cuistots Reflets-sur-le-lac transe in orange field-2 suspended nude maternite fille-de-dos composition in blue and gold. Milner.-Composition-in-blue-and-gold sisters-in-white Marche-de-la-Cathedrale Rencontre-au-marche Anna in orange Sieste-musicale palabres sieste looking-out Terres Sauvages 2 Terres Sauvages last day of summer summer meadow moving through Composition in orange In orange field-2 Chemin 2 mounting-couds the bed L'armoire Les-copains afternoon-by-the-river-1 Paysage douce Spring evening at Berthoumieux catus evening. Morning fields towards Flory The-Malvern-hills-1 birdsong Catus-afternoon.-29x23 gigouzac Morning-with-Carola the artist The stars are on the ground. nature morte à la fenetre le jeux Place du Capitole rainy day in Cardiff Rencontre-du-soir These streets Bobourg-en-ete kababs pandora's box Pandora's box no-name Endormi au soleil Marrocan chefs Le peignoir dining-in-the-Hotel-Boudy dance-studio The Malvern hills encroaching-shadows Meeting after school Le-bar-du-Forum Poissonerie-Parisienne frozen-lake oak spirit looking in