Painting courses

Painting and Pastel courses.

During the year I run several painting and pastel courses . Each course has a theme. They are open to beginners as well as more experienced artists, unless specifically stated.

I teach invited courses throughout France, for example with the French Pastel society or other groups, otherwise I run them from my studio at home in Catus.

Stage de peinture avec modele chez Penelope Milner

Pastel course in the studio.

Stage de peinture en exterieur avec Penelope Milner

pastel course, working in the garden.

repas au cours d'un stage de peinture

Lunch under the ash tree.

In Catus I limit the number of students to ten, except when there is a model posing, then nine in maximum.

Usually the timetable is 9.30 until 5.30 with a mid day break, however we have been known to continue working on towards aperitifs! The studio is ‘open’ until 7 o’clock in the evening.

At lunch time we all eat together. This is a valuable time for relaxation. We like to provide a three course meal which we eat together at the family table, either in the salon, or outside in the garden.

There are numerous gites in the local village (with in walking distance) and in the country side around. Please contact us if you need help finding accommodation.



The courses that I teach are intensive, there seems to be so much material to cover in four days!

On the whole I am teaching traditional techniques and methods, but I am aiming to facilitate the individual creativity of each student. Elements I aim to cover:

  • drawing
  • composition
  • Tonal values
  • Colour mixing
  • brush work and mark-making

I hope that each person will leave with several finished pieces of work, but more importantly the inspiration and tools to return home and continue on their own personal path.

Colour and light are particular passions of mine. I hope that through observation and practise the student will gain in pushing the limits further.

Whatever the theme, we work more often from life than from photos. Drawing and sketching are an important part of all my courses. This is a practise I hope to encourage, which I believe leads to more individuality in painting.